Start Touch Typing and It Will Change How You Interact With Your Computer

I was contemplating stopping my bad practices of typing and adopting touch-typing. One of my friends, Alvi, motivated me enough to start, and I made a commitment that I would only touch-type regardless of how slow I get. It’s been almost two months since I started, and it has changed how I use my computer.

I started by looking for tips and tricks online, but soon realized it varied from person to person; thus, I needed to build my own way. My average 50 WPM after only 250 practice runs evidently proves that. I highly recommend an open-source website, monkeytype(dot)com for practicing as well as a good keyboard.

Until then, I was using a Xiaomi keyboard for my MacBook, and it was serving me decently. Since I always had a zest for mechanical keyboards, I started to look on Reddit and MechaBoardsBD for recommendations. People in MechaboardsBD and Bangladesh Mechanical Keyboard Community were quite helpful in selecting the best keyboard for me, Dareu EK871 Trinity GTR. While finalizing, I searched online for reviews and sound tests but failed to find a decent one, hence the video.

Why am I writing this?
I assure you that if you build the habit of touch-typing, it will change how you interact with our computer!
Gradually you will realize the rest of the benefits.

Come back later and thank me.

I adopted touch typing exactly 88 days ago and reached the 80 WPM club today! Sometimes I just wonder why I took this long to make the decision to type properly. Nevertheless, better late than never!

Monkey Type Typing Speed Test