Bad UX of EBL's ATM


Eastern Bank Ltd is notorious for its horrible banking app. Despite a lot of criticism, they have not updated their app yet. The UX of that app is so horrific that I don’t know where I should start. I have a dual currency card from EBL. I never used that because of the app and consequently switched to CityTouch, a decent app.​

My payroll account for my new job is at EBL; hence I don’t have any other choice this time. Initially, I thought I would just use the app to transfer the money to my main account, but later I changed my mind and started using it because I had a plan to prepare a case study. That is why, along with the app, I started to use their other services, too, such as the ATM.

Today, I tried to withdraw some cash at the ATM booth, and I was dumbfounded by the particular screen (image below). I did not know what to do. The designer failed to convey the message with visuals that where to type the pin, which evidently increased the cognitive load for such a simple task. I had to read the instruction, which said to type the pin. As I started to type, the asterisk (*) appeared on the screen. It was an unpleasant friction that could easily be avoided by putting a Pin Input Field.

Passcode Input Screen of EBL’s ATM

Edit: When I was writing this, I could not remember if there was audio feedback from the ATM. I was thinking that even if the input field were missing if there were an audio voice-over saying something like “Enter your password”, that would be really helpful too.

Other than this, the thing that concerns me the most is Accessibility. Imagine a visually impaired person trying to use the ATM. S/he will not be able to navigate through every step because, as you can see that the audio output is unclear (Video below). Perhaps the ATM was tested in a lab environment without keeping the roadside hostile and noisy environment in mind. In order to fix this, the volume needs to be increased, and the voice-over needs to be made keeping the full range of human diversity in mind, hence adopting Inclusive Design.

TL;DR: EBL’s bad UX. The ATM does not even have as basic an input field.